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ACP is founded as l'Acide Carbonique Pur. The company plans to produce CO2 and other food products.
Throughout the following decades CO2 production evolves: first CO2 is recovered from flue gases in limekilns, later it is recovered from combustion of cokes, and later from the combustion of heavy fuel oil.


ACP diversifies its product range and decides to invest in the butane and propane market. ACP reaches a sales volume of over 1,000,000 butane/propane cylinders a year and is the number two player in Belgium.


Construction of ACP Tessenderlo, with large LPG storage tanks.


ACP takes part in the construction of AGT (Antwerp Gas Terminal) and is able to import LPG from the North Sea.


ACP contributes 50% towards the construction of a new CO2 production plant in Geleen (Netherlands); Carbolim. This CO2  is a by-product  of the ammonia synthesis. Initial production capacity: 15 t/h.


ACP acquires total control over AGT (Antwerp Gas Terminal).


Carbolim doubles its production capacity to 30 t/h. It also doubles its storage capacity from 2000 t to 4000 t. The LPG activity is sold to Primagaz.


ACP moves! The Head Office, dry ice production, and cylinder activity move from Brussels to a brand new plant in Heusden-Zolder (Belgium).


ACP invests in the construction of a new CO2 production unit in Tertre (Belgium): Carbodour
Production capacity: 15 t/h
Storage capacity: 1500 t


ACP takes over all of ANWIL's CO2 activities in Włocławek, Poland. ACP also acquires all CO2 activities of Wolfsfellner Gase in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.


CarboWil, our production plant in Włocławek, begins to modernize and invests in view of expansion: storage tank 2 x 600 t, automatic loading, quality control (Carboscan).


ACP becomes the distributor for Cold Jet equipment and offers complete cleaning solutions with high-quality dry ice and high performance blasting systems.


ACP builds a new CO2 production plant in Włocławek (Poland).
Total production capacity: 22.5 t/u
Total storage capacity: 1800 t


Technology Center is created to manage and develop the know-how on new and alternative CO2 applications.


Building 3rd line L-CO2 in Carbolim. Full rail connection for charging and discharging CO2. Storage extension with 600 t (total storage capacity Carbolim: 4600 t). Total production capacity: 46 t/h.
Carbowil receives as first the ISO 22000 certificate.


FS 22000 & PAS 220 certification
LSG Brussels: integrated solution with Cold Jet reformer


Start CarboHeim at Roquette site (Beinheim, France).
Production capacity: 7 t/h
Storage capacity: 1000 t