Butle CO2

We deliver CO2 to our hotel and catering business customers in Safe For Food + cylinders.

Only aluminium cylinders are used in the Safe For Food + cylinder programme. Not only are they lighter, they are also corrosion-free and can be cleaned more hygienically than steel cylinders. Our cylinders comply with current regulations concerning safety, transport and food safety.

The cylinders are sealed with a residual pressure valve with a built-in non-return valve. The residual pressure function of the valve keeps the minimum pressure within a range of 3 to 8 bar, and the non-return function prevents dust or other gases from entering the cylinder. Only by maintaining the residual pressure and installing a non-return valve can the high quality of our liquid CO2 be guaranteed at all times.


The cylinders are filled in special filling stations that are used exclusively for CO2. The pipes running from the storage tank to the cylinders are made of stainless steel, preventing pipe contamination from other gases or dust particles.

Each cylinder is tagged with a traceability label, providing data about the day and location of filling and also about the operator (who filled and checked the cylinders). The cylinders are filled with Safe For Food + quality liquid carbon dioxide and are analysed on a regular basis. The CO2 used complies with a product specification that amply exceeds ISBT and EIGA standards.