Inerting with CO2 / Fire and explosion protection

Some products can generate potentially explosive environments (dust, oxygen, heat, reagents, etc.). Inertion consists in converting an inert gas in the explosive environment in order to reduce the risk of explosion or fire. The sensitive product can thus be used safely. CO2 is entirely appropriate for this use thanks to its physico-chemical properties.

CO2 can also be used for fire extinction (e.g. in fire extinguishers).

The principles are as follows:

  • The CO2 creates an atmosphere impoverishing the oxygen which makes combustion impossible; the carbon dioxide "suffocates" the combustion
  • Thanks to its temperature of -78,5 °C, the COis a cooling agent
  • At small fires the COcan also blow out the flame and thus separate the combustion from the combustible

Advantages of inerting with CO2

The main advantages of inerting with CO2 are:

  • the elimination of oxygen, dust, heat
  • its extinguishing power by converting the oxygen which is necessary for each combustion
  • improves the conservation of certain products by preventing oxidation and eliminating possible presence of humidity
  • unlike other fire extinguishing agents (e.g. water, chemical powders), CO2 leaves no residu
  • COdeals with the 3 elements of the fire triangle (converting oxidizing agent, separation combustible-combustion by blowing, heat reduction)

Realized project: International Cement manufacturer in the South of Brussels

  • A 34t CO2 tank and a 7t CO2 tank
  • More than 300 meters of piping serving multiple injection points
  • Certain injection points at more than 70m height
  • Use for inerting combustible storage and as an extinguisher at the beginning of the fire


Why choose ACP CO2 for your inerting process?

  • Reliability

    We are known for the quality of our CO2 and our reliable delivery.
    Since 1897, we have never failed to deliver to a single customer.

    Find out more about our liquid CO2 sourcing and production facilities in the EU

  • Our own engineers

    Our own engineers and technical team have many years of experience in designing, assembling and maintaining installations for storing and dosing CO2. ACP can be your partner for your tailor-made installation using equipment best suited to your needs.

  • We can help to simplify your life with automatic quantity controls

    You can have a CO2 telemetry installation on your tank which allows GPRS-driven quantity controls.

    You no longer need to check your stocks manually which helps with reordering in time.


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