Animal stunning

Animal stunning before slaughter

The stunning phase before slaughtering poultry is mandatory in many countries. When the poultry is for human consumption, it is imperative to ensure the animal’s welfare for ethical reasons. The stunning process should not be painful and is meant to avoid any suffering or stressful situations. To ensure that the stunning is efficient, it must cover the entire slaughtering process up until the death of the animal.

Until now, the most prevalent systems in the slaughtering industry were based on using electronarcosis.

Today, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a more innovative solution in the stunning process with several advantages.

Advantages of animal stunning with CO2 are:

In combination with ambient air or mixed with pure oxygen, CO2 will allow stunning that:

  • is less aggressive
  • increases the animal’s well-being
  • increases productivity
  • augments meat quality
  • improves working conditions

CO2 can also be used for the smooth euthanasia of poultry in an epidemic or in the animal’s selection process (chicks).

Why choose ACP for animal stunning with CO2?

  • Reliability

    We are known for the quality of our CO2 and our reliable delivery.
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  • Our own engineers

    Our own engineers and technical team have many years of experience in designing, assembling and maintaining installations for storing and dosing CO2.
    ACP can be your partner for your tailor-made installation using equipment best suited to your needs.

  • Flexible contracts

    ACP doesn’t require any monthly purchase obligations, except for tank rental, and sets up a contract to meet your specific needs with clear and transparent pricing.

  • We can help to simplify your life with automatic quantity controls

    You can have a CO2 telemetry installation on your tank which allows GPRS-driven quantity controls.
    You no longer need to check your stocks manually which helps with reordering in time.


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