Dry Ice cooling reinvented and tailored to your needs

Ice-Shuttle covers all of ACP’s Dry Ice cooling activities. Ice-Shuttle is involved in all types of cryogenic transport cooling and cold chain cooling using Dry Ice.

This section details our total Ice-Shuttle offer, from straightforward Dry Ice supply to fully automated and integrated systems, the most advanced cryogenic transport cooling with Dry Ice that exists.


Warehouse back-up cooling


Cryo Transport



Full Integration



Closed System


Dry Ice Supply




Dry Ice On Site







In all cases, we start from case-specific workflow analyses to develop and/or offer a customised solution to meet our customers’ needs, minimising the total cost of ownership.

We can develop entire new systems of cryogenic transport cooling or improve existing systems and customise them to meet specific needs.

Ice-Shuttle is adaptable to evolving needs, which makes it future-proof.

Here are some of our recent projects, please contact us for more information about our references.