Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) with carbon dioxide can protect your products. As soon as food comes into contact with the air, it starts to deteriorate. Modified Atmosphere Packaging protects your products with carbon dioxide or a gas mixture containing carbon dioxide. The principle of MAP is that a protective gas or gas mixture, which has better preservative qualities, replaces the air in the packaging. The choice of gas or gas mixture is made according to their protective or reactive properties, and the characteristics of each type of product.

Advantages of Modified Atmosphere Packaging with CO2

The main advantages of MAP with CO2 are:

  • Extended shelf life of the product
  • Less use of additives
  • Limits chemical or biochemical reactions which cause product degradation or deterioration

Why choose ACP CO2 for Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Liquid CO2 with the highest quality and food safety programme

ACP’s Food-Grade Quality Programme conforms to the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) and the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) regulations, and consists of:

  • State-of-the-art purification processes
  • Online quality monitoring and management in our production units
  • Regular analyses of final products, carried out by ACP and independent labs
  • Strict loading and unloading procedures
  • Rigorous traceability

ACP’s Quality certifications:


In co-development with some key customers, we went even further, beyond the already demanding requirements of the EIGA and ISBT regulations. In order to serve these customers even better, we developed a Safe For Food + programme with guaranteed 99.99% purification and the most stringent safety system.

ACP’s special Safe For Food + programme:

  • Guaranteed 99.99% purification
  • Quality diagnosis/sample analysis
  • on every production day
  • of every single trailer shipment
  • Analysis of every single delivery
  • Sealing of every freight shipment
  • Separate logistics flow to avoid any risk of contamination
  • Individual seals are used to prevent product tampering

Our Safe for Food + programme is an extremely rigorous quality and safety assurance programme.


We are known for the quality of our CO2 and our reliable delivery.
Since 1897, we have never failed to deliver to a single customer.
Find out more about our liquid CO2 sourcing and production facilities in the EU

Our own engineers

Our own engineers and technical team have many years of experience in designing, assembling and maintaining installations for storing and dosing CO2.
ACP can be your partner for your tailor-made installation using equipment best suited to your needs.

We can help to simplify your life with automatic quantity controls

You can have a CO2 telemetry installation on your tank which allows GPRS-driven quantity controls.
You no longer need to check your stocks manually which helps with reordering in time.


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