Water pH control with CO2

As an expert in pH control of water with CO2 and pH neutralisation with CO2, ACP runs dozens of installations all over Europe. 

Some specific applications:

  • Treatment of alkaline wastewater resulting from the washing of glass bottles in the beverages industry
  • Regulation of the pH level in swimming pools as well as the pH level before flocculation
  • Reducing e.g. calcium and zinc by means of pH correction with CO2

Advantages of pH control with technical CO2

The main advantages of pH control / pH neutralisation with CO2 are:

  • CO2 is a weak acid (neither toxic nor corrosive)
  • CO2 can perfectly be used to replace strong acids such as sulfuric acid
  • No polluting residue in treated water, environmentally friendly
  • Inexpensive equipment
  • No particular safety rules or training for users
  • As CO2 forms a stable buffer solution, reaction is very easy to control

Why choose ACP CO2 for your pH control or pH neutralisation?

  • Reliability

We are known for the quality of our C02 and our reliable delivery.
Since 1897, we have never failed to deliver to a single customer.
Find out more about our liquid CO2 sourcing and production facilities in the EU

  • Our own engineers

Our own engineers and technical team have many years of experience in designing, assembling and maintaining installations for storing and dosing CO2.
ACP can be your partner for your tailor-made installation using equipment best suited to your needs.

  • We can help to simplify your life with automatic quantity controls

You can have a CO2 telemetry installation on your tank which allows GPRS-driven quantity controls.
You no longer need to check your stocks manually which helps with reordering in time.


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