120 years of innovation of ACP



1897:    ACP is founded as l’Acide Carbonique Pur.
             CO2 production and recuperation evolves.

1995:    ACP moves its head office from Brussels to Heusden-Zolder.

1998:    Investment in new CO2 production unit in Tertre: Carbodour.
             Production capacity: 15 t/h, storage capacity 1500 t.

2015:    New recuperation unit in dry ice production department.
             Extra available CO2 capacity of 700 t/month.

2016:    Dry ice record: 10000 t dry ice in Benelux which confirms ACP’s leadership in the
             dry ice market.


The Netherlandscopy

1985:    ACP contributes 50% towards the construction of a new CO2
             production plant in Geleen: Carbolim.

1993:    Carbolim doubles its production capacity to 30 t/h & storage
             capacity from 2000 t to 4000 t.

2008:    3rd line L-CO2 in Carbolim & full rail connection. Storage extension with 600 t, total production
             capacity 46 t/h



2001:    Expansion ACP in Eastern Europe, start-up production plant Carbowil 7,5 t/h in Włocławek.

2002:    2 extra storage tanks of 600 m³ each + online analyzer and automatic loading station which
             brings the storage capacity to 1800 t.

2005:    New production plant which brings total production capacity to 22,5 t/h

2016:    Investment in extension of storage capacity: 16 tanks of 60 t each.
             Total storage capacity: 3500 t.

2017:    Extension of new dry ice production hall. Total dry ice production capacity 3500 kg/h.
             ACP confirms dry ice leader position on Polish market.



2011:    Start production plant Carboheim in Beinheim.
             Production capacity 7 t/h, storage capacity 1000 t



Over the last 20 years ACP acquired several businesses for the development of its CO2 activities in Germany in order to become a key player in the German market. ACP supplies the market with an experienced sales and technical team.



2010:    Presence in Ukraine and growing business with deliveries from our plant in Poland or local

2015:    Agreement with OPP (Odessa Port Plant) to build a unit which will recover waste CO2 from
             OPP’s ammonia plant.


Since March 2019, ACP is an Air Products Company.

120 years of trust between customers, suppliers and ACP’s personnel have resulted in close commercial relationships for which ACP thanks all of you.