CO2 neutrality

The ACP Group continuously strives to achieve its goal of preventing and reducing its impact on the planet. Numerous actions were taken to reduce air emission, water and energy consumption, etc. with the aim to reduce the impact on the environment. 

As a next step, the ACP Group has achieved the COneutral label for its French production site Carboheim in Alsace, both by combining CO2 reductions and offsetting the remaining balance with CO2 credits. The company CO2Logic supported ACP in achieving the CO2 neutral label, which was validated by the company Vinçotte.                        

We are proud to be the first CO2 recovery plant worldwide which obtained CO2 neutrality, certified by a notified body.  

By supporting climate projects, the ACP Group takes responsibility for its environmental impact. We decided to support the Paradigm healthy cook stoves and water treatment project in Kenya. With this voluntary action, ACP continues its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.